Saturday, July 7, 2007

Sam's First Balloon

We took Sam to Golden Corral for dinner. Actually, we took ourselves and Sam came along! She sat right up to the table and ate like a big girl! She was so grown-up and adorable. She loved the "Awesome Potroast" and the olives. Our waitress offered Sam a balloon and I thought, why not! So she brought the purple balloon for Sam and put it on her wrist. Sam was too concerned about what was on her wrist to notice the balloon attached so we took it off her wrist and showed her the balloon. She LOVED it! She played and played and laughed and talked to the balloon. She played with it the whole way home and we brought it in and she just loved it. So we thought we'd better take a picture of Sam's first balloon. Shortly after we took the picture she pulled the stopper out of the balloon and it lost all its helium. But, Brent to the rescue blew up the balloon again, only he blew one too many times and it went POP! Brent and I were more scared by the noise than Sam was. Although she did look a little sad that the balloon was gone!