Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Zoo 2008

We took a family trip to the zoo March 15th. It was an overcast slightly windy day, but it was a perfect day for an outing to the zoo. All of the animals were out and about. It was breakfast time for most of them (or maybe an early lunch) and Sammi loved seeing them eating. We got two pictures before the batteries died in the camera (of course we weren't prepared with extra ones!)

Sammi's favorites were the snakes--she actually touched two!--and the alligator. She was fascinated by the white alligator that is in a house all by itself. She would tell any adult who would look at her, "Alligator! Alligator!" while pointing to it. She also liked the penguins who were walking around. There was a baby giraffe that she thought was pretty cute.

In the reptile house there are two crocodiles and she loved them too. After seeing them the first time, she ran around the whole house again looking for them at every corner. She thought they were pretty awesome. So of course we just had to go see the white alligator again before we left.

I would say that it was a successful outing. The weather was just right for being outside. The animals must have thought it was perfect, too, because they were so active. The two cougars were running all around and up and down on their branches and batting at the big ball in their enclosure. Sammi saw them and said, "Pet them! Pet them!" She also wanted to pet the alligator. So we have a little bit to go before she has animal safety down. But animal enthusiasm is a great start. Maybe she'll be a zoo keeper...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter 2008

Easter was a fun holiday this year. Sammi discovered Easter Egg Hunts. She got so in to it that she was even spotting eggs at the grocery store later on Saturday! I think the thing she really liked was the jelly beans she found inside! this is her smiling with all that jelly bean juice trying to creep out of her smile...

For church today she was all dolled up in this cute pink dress from Grandma Devine. It has a cute butterfly on the front of the dress so we added butterfly hair clips and a butterfly bracelet (that you can see in the first picture.) Sammi knew she was pretty and pranced around church saying "Hi" to everyone. She is quite the social butterfly!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Yes, fingertails. This is Sammi's word for fingernails. She says it whenever she sees fingernail polish because she loves to have her "fingertails" painted. I'm not sure when exactly this came about because I do remember a time when she called them fingernails. I don't know when the change occurred, but it may have coincided with her discovery of tails on kitties and doggies.

I love the imagery that our nails are little tails for our fingers. So adorable!