Saturday, May 23, 2009

Updates and Pictures

So this is our last weekend before Brent goes to COT (officer training). I'm looking forward to spending the whole weekend together. We even get to go to the temple this afternoon! I'm rather nervous about his month-long absence and being a "single-parent." Fortunately we're here still in Utah where I have lots of family and friends to help me out, entertain me and generally make the time pass more quickly.

We went to CO last week to visit family and friends and to see Jonson graduate from college. We didn't know until we got there, but his graduation didn't start until 7:30 PM! So, we hung out with him in the afternoon, but we didn't go to the actual ceremony. Sorry! But we are very proud of him for reaching that goal and wish him the best at graduate school if he decides to stay in the country long enough to attend all his classes! Silly silly us, we forgot the camera. Very unfortunate since we had some really fun times.

While we were in CO we heard from a gal in TN that made a final decision about selling her house. She's not going to, which means that she wants to rent it to US! Yeah. It's big with a front room AND a play room. The backyard is HUGE and we're going to put a fence up so the girls can play and play and play outside while I do dishes and laundry and clean. (Or maybe I'll just sew and read and blog!) For those familiar with the area (all one of you, Jenny, who read the blog!) it's in Cumberland Gap but I think it's pretty close to the church.

You all know how much I LOVE sleeping baby pictures and I think this one takes the cake:

Here are some of our nature day at the International Peace Gardens in SLC.

And this is Sammi having lunch with the "boys" who worked on the water pipes on our street. We got home one day when they were having lunch. Sammi ran inside for a cheese stick and then ran out and sat right down with them. She was in heaven!