Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Glimpse into Scott

Scott and I are having lots of fun while the girls are at school. We like to go on errands together and he loves it when we get to go to the park in the mornings.

His most recent fascination is with pulling toys. We have a pink wooden duck from when Sammi was his age, but its back legs keep breaking. The other day Brent came home with an old school Little People bus. Scott insisted on holding on to the string with two fingers at the very end. It kept slipping through his fingers so Brent found a large heart from a broken necklace and tied it to the end. Now he pulls it happily everywhere! Here's a video:
Turns out, Scott also likes crafts. Something he has in common with Sammi! Here are a few pics of his crafting adventures:

And lastly, the kid loves, LOVES books. He won't consent to sleeping unless he has every book he can see added to his crib. It's usually about 8 books, sometimes more, rarely fewer. His favorite right now is The Chimpansneeze. It has a chimpanzee and a kinkajou who are friends and lose, then find each other, through their sneezing adventures. When Scott wants this book he does the cutest pretend sneeze. We spend a lot of time pretend sneezing these days!