Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sammi's New Word

Sammi learned a new word yesterday: Princess!

When Brent was getting her pajamas on last night she found her tutu and wanted to wear it. So Brent put it on her and told her she was Daddy's princess!

This morning she found her tutu again and brought it to me with a "Princess!" So I put it on and she looked down at it and said "Daddy princess!" How adorable! I was surprised that she learned the word so quickly and remembered it the next day. Her vocabulary is growing so fast.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So Many Things

It has been so long since I updated and there are so many things I have wanted to say, so many stories I've wanted to share, so many pictures I've wanted to display! But today, I want to talk about Sammi and books. She loves books. Any time I turn on the TV she brings me a book to read instead! This morning I was trying to get ready for her 18-month check up and and Sammi was sitting on the floor in my room with a book in her lap. She kept patting the floor next to her and saying "My read, Mommy. My read, here. Mommy, read!" How could I resist? We read that book twice all the way through and then we read random pages she turned to and looked for the puppy.

Her current favorite is When Poppy and Max Grow Up by Lindsey Gardner. Her second favorite is a board book also by Gardner, Good Night Poppy and Max. She checked the second one out from the library a month or two ago and after I returned it all we heard at bedtime was "Max. Max!" So Brent ran over to the library and checked it out again! He also brought home When Poppy and Max Grow Up and that has become the most requested.

Sammi loves to go to the library for Laptime. It's a twenty-minute program with lots of action songs and some books. She's really getting into it now. I was looking online today for reading lists and found the CUTEST site for pre-school reading. It's from Story Place and has activities, reading lists, online stories and activities as well as activities for parents to do with their children. I can't wait to try out the poems and find some of the books.