Saturday, July 18, 2009

We've Settled In!

So, that was a WAY LONG break! It took forever to get the internet up and running. I was going to have great pictures of our drive across the country, but the camera died a few days before we left and I didn't want to pick out a new one without Brent's input. But, we finally got a new one once we got here, so I have a few things to share from our new home (away from home).

Sammi was a little princess on her birthday. She wore the tiara and balloon everywhere. I was pleasantly surprised when she decided to share it with Elli. What cute sisters. They have really started to playing together and even getting into trouble together.

We met a lot of med school LDS families at a 4th of July BBQ. It was fun to be surrounded by instant friends. The kids played in a little pool and then lit sparklers. IT was fun to visit and eat yummy food.

We went to the Knoxville Zoo. We bought a membership because we only have to go twice and we'll have saved money! It also gets us into the Hogle Zoo back in Utah and the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma. We learned a lot about the local turtles and the not-so-local rhinos. The zoo keepers were very friendly and informative.

We have one more week until Brent starts orientation and then classes. While I'm nervous about him starting and how little we're going to see him for the first several months, I think the anticipation is starting to eat us up. It's hard to be in such limbo, especially for Brent who is usually getting up and going to work everyday. But he's working hard around the house to make us feel at home. We have a garden and he is currently working on a snadbox for the girls. We also finally found chairs for our dining table and we bought paint today for them. I really hope we get that project doen before school starts!