Saturday, May 5, 2007

Reframing Motherhood

Well, the events of this week have turned my reality on its nose. Aside from my birthday (which I will discuss in a moment) I re-entered the workforce this week. It all happened quite suddenly and without warning. I had applied to teach ESL classes at UVSC back in November or maybe it was October. I didn't hear anything (I figured it was too late for the January start date anyway) and I hadn't thought much more about it. Then, on Wednesday of this week, May 2, I received a voice message and an email from the director of ESL classes at UVSC. He explained that they had a tremendous surge in enrollment and needed to split classes in two levels and would I be interested in teaching two classes, PLEASE!

Brent and I consulted, I figured out child care options, and I said O.K. So Thursday, my birthday, Sam and I went to the department and got a full tour and my books. Then we went to the daycare center and had a tour. Then yesterday, Friday, I started teaching! It's fun to be back in the classroom, but it was sad to leave Sam at the daycare. It wasn't so bad in the morning when a friend watched her, but the day care really hit home that I was a working mom. I envisioned myself working once my children were all in school during the day, but working again so soon after Sam's arrival is a bit of an adjustment for us all. She seemed really happy at the day care center, so that eased some of my concerns. Brent said he was worried sick about her all day. Dad's have a harder time trusting other people with their children--it's such an unknown. For me, I've seen the facility and I can imagine her in the baby room being rocked by a gentle woman. But Brent doesn't have a physical setting in which to place her so in his mind she's just hanging out in a black hole-very scary indeed! All-in-all I think teaching this summer will be an exciting adventure!

So, back to my birthday. First thing Thursday morning I realized what would be different about birthdays as a mom. Sam still had breakfast before I did. Her need was more immediate and so I put my breakfast off until she was content and playing with her toys. I reminded her all day that she was supposed to be especially pleasant for me since it was my birthday! That wasn't too hard for her because she's rather pleasant all of the time. I had many nice phone calls, cards and emails. Thank you for helping me feel so special on my big day. In fact, it was almost unnerving how much attention I had. I am so used to Sam getting all of the attention now, that I felt the urge to deflect the attention back onto her. But, for one day out of the year it's not bad to bask in the lime light!

Here are some fun pictures from the park a week ago:


Claire said...

All that new is so exciting. Teaching is going to be another huge change in your life. I know that you really enjoy teaching though and I am looking forward to hearing all about it. All of the pictures of Sam are so cute.

Ann said...

The pictures are adorable, and not just because Sam is in them. The one on the swing is especially fun! Glad you had a good birthday!

Greg, Ilene & Bean said...


Happy B-day. I seem to always miss it! Dang it!