Sunday, May 25, 2008

Trip to Colorado

Sammi and I took a trip to Colorado this week for my brother Maxwell's high school graduation. Congrats, Max!! On the flight over Sammi threw up twice! I was not ready for that and had no extra clothes in my carry on. Bummer. There were some very nice ladies on the plane who were quite helpful and didn't act the least bit disgusted by the smell or the mess. They are angels!! So the next day I called the pediatrician and found out all the things I could do to help her not get motion sick on the way home. They worked like a charm and she slept most of the way home and didn't throw up at all! Yeah!!

The tricks I learned for flying with a child:
  • sucker to suck on during take off and landing to help little ears adjust to the changing air pressure.
  • a small cup of Coke to settle the stomach (The pharmacist told me the Coke syrup is very similar in composition to the anti-nausea medicine I could buy from him. We went with Coke!)
  • candied ginger (think ginger ale) also helps.
  • Benadryl to help her get sleepy.
The nurse told me it's probably the only time that they would ever recommend a sucker and a cup of Coke for a child! But both seemed to work very well. Sammi loved the sucker. I'm hoping against all hope that she forgets about it.

Aside from that disaster, the trip was amazing! It was so fun to see my family and to celebrate with Max as he graduated. Sammi got a chance to play with her cousin Weston. They had a grand time together. They played in the backyard, learned about wheelbarrow races and picked pine cones together. What more could two toddlers want!

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