Saturday, April 4, 2009

Make Way for the Commissioned Officer!

Brent was sworn into the Air Force last Saturday as a 2nd Lieutenant. He received their health professionals scholarship for medical school. They will cover all school expenses and give us a living stipend. In return Brent will work for them after graduation and we will get to travel the world! It's win-win in my book.
We're very proud of you, Brent for all your hard work getting into medical school and getting this scholarship. You will be an amazing physician and contribute so much to the field of osteopathic medicine.
Four guys received the scholarship and were sworn in that day. All four of the are attending DO schools (doctor of osteopathic medicine). Brent will be at Commissioned Officer Training with two of the guys that were there that day. They all seem nice, it was a relief to Brent to know there would be guys he relates to at COT!


We are the Sclater Family said...

yay guys!! We didnt know you were going that road too! Rod & jeremy whiting both went airforce & ended up going to COT the same time & with all 31 people they were broken into smaller 15 people flights...they ended up together. Tamsyn & I were so excited they were together. Us girls cried like babies while they were gone..but we had each other to cry to. haha. Rods roommate ended up being lds too..ethan & his wife & I are now blog friends. ha. all this to say...CONGRATULATIONS!! it will be a blast to have anoother airforce guy...theres even a school club here for mil. scholarship students.

We are the Sclater Family said...

i meant 315 people. 31 the odds look good they would be togther..but 315...a little trickier. haha have a great weekend!

Emily Shaw said...

Wow! I had no idea that was the way you were going! (Steve probably did...) Congrats! That's pretty darn exciting. I love the Air Force (best one in my book!) I can't wait to hear all the stories where ever you go!

RazakFamily said...

You guys are going to LOVE military life ;)

Christiaan and Karen said...

Hey you guys, long time no talk. Congratulations Brent, we are really excited for you. We miss you guys like crazy and hope everything is going well. Sure sounds like it is. When are you heading to Tennessee? Keep us up to date you know where to find us.
Karen and Christiaan

Shealyn said...

That is a big surprise. But, knowing many others that have gone that route it makes sense financially. You guys will be set, he'll have a job afterward, and all that training. Steve always prefers doctors that have had military experience though I don't know why. We are going to end up back in the military as well. Long story short- Steve never fulfilled his Marine contract so we owe them time still. We are debating active or reserves... we shall see.