Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Random Cute Pics-Again

One day Sammi had a late afternoon nap and was just not interested in bedtime. I braved it and decided to introduce her to life after she goes to bed: laundry! Oh, and I think we watched So You Think You Can Dance. I had her sort the clothes into two piles: Sammi's and Elli's. Then I had her sort her clothes into pants, shirts, dresses, sockes and underwear and pajamas while I started to fold Elli's clothes. After a bit I looked over and instead of just sorting her clothes, she was folding them. She made this beautiful collection of folded clothes on the little staircase we got from Brent's parents. I was so impressed.
This was during a long drive to Morristown to get our Tennessee driver's licenses. Brent was trying to study while we drove so we introduced the girls to the headphones. Elli was fascinated and not at all concerned she couldn't hear the movie!

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Coopers said...

I can't believe how big the girls are getting. It is so crazy that it will have been a year when we see them again in December!

They are so cute. I love the things that little kids do.

Thanks for sharing these fun stories.