Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Wish List

Since you've been asking, here's all I want for Christmas from my Amazon wish list. We opened Christmas presents last night and Brent gave me a Black and Decker Food Processor (which was #1 on my list) and some simple but elegant glass serving bowls. Now I can serve vegetables and mashed potatoes in something other than the pots they were cooked in! I feel so grown-up.

The girls and I got headphones for our flight to Utah. They practiced wearing them this morning while watching Curious George. I've loaded the computer with Sesame Street podcasts so I'm hoping we're good to go! We also gave the girls Color Wonder by Crayola so they can color and I don't have to worry about them destroying anything. They also got several books that I'm excited to read with them.

Brent got his #1 from his wish list, too: Sketchbook Pro, which is a art studio program where you can free hand your drawings with his tablet computer. It has really cool effects for adding color, like airbrushing. I'm hoping he'll let me fiddle with it too! Other things Brent's interested in include a book light for reading at night, new sheepskin slippers like the kind from L.L. Bean.

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Ruth said...

My husband got his #1 from my parents - Psych Season 3!