Sunday, April 1, 2012

February 2012

 Here's a glimpse of February. We had a lot of fun celebrating Valentine's Day, taking a pottery class at the Children's Museum of Oak Ridge, painting, shopping, dressing up and losing a tooth.
Scott getting sleepy after filling up on a yummy dinner.
 Super Scott saving the world one milk jug at a time.
 Playing in the kitchen at the Children's Museum.
 Sammi dressing up in the Pioneer room at the Children's Museum.
 Elli dressing up in the Pioneer room at the Children's Museum.
 Sammi lost tooth number 3. She worked a long time on loosening it and finally letting Mom pull it out. The Tooth Fairy knew how hard she worked and how patient she was and rewarded her with 2 dollars!
 Scott discovering fingerpaints. He loved squishing it through his fingers. By the end it was all over his head.
Wearing hearts for Valentine's Day. They picked different shirts with hearts every day for the week before Valentine's Day. Sammi is making a heart with her arms.
 On a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby. These three are such cuties all together when we are out.
I went through a box of papers from graduate school and found this paper where I doodled my name and Brent's. I think this was before we were engaged. It even has Scott up there in the top right corner. 

February went by so quickly and I can hardly believe it's April already. The children are growing fast and learning so quickly. Sammi is starting to read more fluently. She's moved into first grade math. She's learning to roller skate at our homeschool co-op. Elli is also learning to roller skate. She writes her name. She knows all her letters and tells me frequently that she'll learn to read tomorrow (already a procrastinator!) Her favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Scott loves all sorts of balls. He loves for me to bounce a ball off his forehead. He's started stacking blocks instead of knocking them over.

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