Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A little update

We moved to Kingsport! Actually, we moved a few weeks ago, but we are a bit slow to updat our blog. I (Brent) took my big COMLEX level 1 (licensing exam) a couple weeks ago and we are waiting a few more weeks to here back about how that went. Hopefully I pass and we get to go on with regular old med school life. I was really excited to read the handbook for clinical rotations. It states the the typical week should be around 60 work hours, but it is up to the preceptor's discretion, and we are capped at a maximum of an 80 hour work week. I sure hope I get to see my family more than that! Yesterday Amber and I celebrated a big day. I made a great choice eight years ago. I asked a cute girl out on a date to go see Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband. She agreed but insisted on providing dinner. Eight years later we went out on another date, but this time I paid for lunch. It was kind of fun to enjoy a lunch together without refereeing kids. I think we were out of practice on dating because we didn't seem to know what to say without kids around! Now that we moved to a city with more options for quick dates I think we'll do much better. I'm just glad that I have Amber. Life is better when we are together.

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Amber P. said...

Life IS better when we are together!