Thursday, April 12, 2007

Course Completed...maybe

As a naive young college student I chose to major in Marriage, Family, and Human Development. This choice was based on two main factors. 1: I was an only child of a single-parent family and 2:I was intrigued by how babies developed into grownups, learning language, motor skills, and how to develop relationships. I thoroughly enjoyed my coursework and looked forward to the time I would be a wife and mother.

I finally made it! I have a beautiful 9 month old girl. She's the bright spot of my day. I have learned, though, that all that coursework didn't prepare me for how I would feel the first time she got shots or for her first cold or for how thin my patience could get with no sleep and a teething baby in my arms. These are lessons only learned through experience.

I also wasn't prepared for how much I would love my girl when she didn't even do anything, and then how much that love grew with the first smile and the first babbled "ma, ma, ma!" But I definitely wasn't prepared for my eyes to well up with tears when I watch her and her daddy play.

While motherhood is wonderful, I have been missing being involved in the field of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). After my bachelor's degree, I completed a master's in Applied Linguistics and taught English for a few years before entering motherhood. My current project to stay involved can be found at

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Greg said...

Wow, this reads like a textbook...good job naming it motherhood 101...

And what's with the correct spelling and punctuation? This is a BLOG!!!!

j/k, luv ya Amber and fam...we'll keep tabs on you here.