Saturday, June 9, 2007

A New Diagnosis

She still had a fever on Thursday when I called the doctor's office to get the prescription for the new antibiotic. Her doctor said he would like to see her so I got a substitute for my class and took her to the doctor at 11:20. He was worried about all of her symptoms, but mostly about her continued fever. It was still over 100 when we brought her in and that was after 24 hours of alternating Tylenol and Ibuprofen. He said if her temperature was still over 100 on Friday to get a chest x-ray to see if it was something more.

Friday at 6 am her fever was 103 so I figured I'd bring her in when they opened at 9:00. So just before 9:00 am I woke Sam up and took her temperature again and it was only 98.7. So we figured the antibiotic was working and we didn't worry about it. That evening her temperature climbed back over 100 and we thought maybe we should have had the chest x-ray done. Then, this morning it was 100.7 so I woke Brent up (it was 9:00 am already) and we got ready to take her to the hospital for the x-ray. A doctor was at Sam's pediatrician's office until noon so we hoped to get the results to him before he left.

All in all the x-ray was a good experience. They had Sam in this contraption that kept her still and Brent held her arms up over her head during the x-rays (there were three). Then we asked when we could get the results and not even ten minutes later we were talking to the doctor at the pediatrician's office and we was reviewing the results with me! Bronchial pneumonia was the diagnosis. While that sounds terrible, the good news is that the treatment isn't any different from what we're already doing: a round of antibiotics! So the only thing different is the name of her condition.

She's still tired, but she's more playful and smile-y than she has been this last week. She seems to be sleeping better, too. She hasn't thrown up since Thursday morning and we are quite glad about that! She is such a trooper to have endured this illness so well. Here's a picture of her sleeping after we got home from her chest x-ray. She's just adorable.


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I am sorry to hear about Sam's diagnosis, but I have to admit that I see that one all the time. It is a pretty common thing in those little guys. I hope that she starts feeling like herself again soon. Antibiotics are wonderful things!