Wednesday, August 8, 2007

13 Months!!

Wow, the last month has really flown by! Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the last month: This is Samantha's first ponytail! Isn't she the happiest baby you've ever seen!
Brent and Sam BOTH fell asleep!
She loves to draw and write. Just before I took this picture, she was holding the pencil exactly correct for writing! Very impressive.
I love sleeping pictures:) This is how Sam fell asleep, cozied up to her tiger.

Sam has developed so much personality over the last month or so. She loves to make us laugh. If she does something and we smile or chuckle she does it again and again. On the flip side, she adamantly dislikes getting in trouble. She has a very difficult time coping with being told 'no.' She seeks our approval at every turn. Which is good because it gives us the opportunity to encourage and teach her, but it's hard that she's SO sensitive to 'no.'
We are having a lot of fun learning how to play together. Some days she's not interested in her toys at all. We'll just crawl around the room, go up and down the stairs and push buttons on the remote. She always loves being outside and especially going somewhere she can watch other kids run around and play. She loves my attention, which she demanding at the moment. Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

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