Saturday, November 3, 2007

Tick or Treating

Alright, I'm finally getting around to talking about Halloween night! Sam had such a big day that she was actually pretty tired when it came time to go out. As I put her in the stroller I asked her if she was tired. I got a slight head nod and a looong blink! She had enough energy to show off her pumpkin that she and Brent carved on Saturday morning. Despite the tiredness, we went out, I walked quickly and we had a good time. We saw lots of friends from the neighborhood and even her/my cousin Gavin out with my aunt Jenny. We also stopped by Sister Francis' house. She watches Sam on Fridays while I teach and then Brent picks her up when he gets out of class. She loves her house, but always falls asleep. Which is "bad" for Brent because she won't take a nap when they get home, but in a way good because they actually get to play. And good for me because she is just about ready for a nap when I get home and then I can make dinner and stuff while she sleeps. (By "and stuff" I mean take my own nap, too!)

Even though I tried to tell people that we were just out to visit and that I just wanted to show Samantha off to everyone, we still ended up with a lot of candy! So far so good, though. I am averaging a piece a day. (That's zero yesterday and two today!)

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The Jenson's said...

Too cute! Sorry we missed you on Halloween.