Thursday, November 1, 2007

Getting Ready for Halloween

Sammi had a fun morning getting ready for Halloween. I was really worried about putting the make-up on her face because I didn't know if she would sit still for me. I figured it would be like my hair where she squirms and wiggles and I have to distract her with hair spray, spray bottles, cups, whatever works!

I looked up some images online to find out how rodeo clowns do their make-up. After I found a picture of one that I thought I could do on Sammi, I set her down in a chair next to the computer and crossed my fingers. The only mishap was that her boot started to fall off, "Oh, no!" Sammi said until I put the boot back on. Then I started with the make-up. She seemed to love it without even know what exactly it was. She leaned into my hand and the make-up stick. She closed her eyes and just looked perfectly pleased with the experience. The first side turned out great! Unfortunately, the second side was more difficult for me and she got a little restless. But, they were fairly symmetrical and I was quite pleased. When she looked in the mirror, she was all smiles:) I wish I could have taken a picture while I was applying her make-up because she was enjoying it so much. But I don't have that many hands, so we'll have to do with out.

After her make-up was on and her costume was completed by the addition of her cowboy hat. She seemed to know that she was in "special" clothes because she just glowed as she walked around the room. She almost strutted! (Now, I'm not sure if that was her attitude, or the fact that her boots were 4 sizes too big.) After all the prep, she was ready for the day.

We went to the grocery store and purchased pumpkins for my ESL program's party, then we went to story time at the Orem Public Library, then we took the pumpkins to UVSC then she fell asleep on the way home. All that performing sure wore her out! After her nap we went to UVSC to go to the Halloween party and see my students. She had fun, most of the time. She got a little overwhelmed when every one wanted to say hi and hold her and take pictures, but with the smaller groups she seemed quite pleased to be the center of their attention.

That sums up Sammi's day in preparation for the big Halloween night!

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