Monday, February 4, 2008

A New Heartbeat

Well, this is the official announcement! Motherhood 101 has progressed to Motherhood 102! Sammi and I went to the doctor's today. I told Sammi on the way that we were going to hear the baby's heartbeat. She kept repeating "baby heart" on the way there! And, just to prove how smart she is, just after we listened to the heartbeat she told the doctor, "baby heart!" The heartbeat was so fast! The doctor said about 170 beats/minute! I forgot little hearts go so fast.

Now I am about 12 weeks. I'm looking forward to entering the second trimester and getting my energy back. We are really excited about having a new baby come to our family. If it's a boy we have a name picked out, but if this baby is a girl, we are up in the air. Brent vetoed my suggestion of Daffodil. (As has everyone else I've told the idea to. Although I almost convinced my brother Jonson to back me up!)

So, if you have any suggestions for girls names, I'd love to hear them.


Greg said...

Are you sure it's not motherhood 201? I think your coursework at the 100 level may be complete.

As for girl names, a few of my favorites:

Abigale, Melaina, Aleena, Elenor, Emma, Claire, Rochelle, Rachel, Hannah, Rebecca.

and, if you use Melaina Abigale, her initials will be MAP, which is super cool. Of course, other M and A names will get you the same result.

Amber Passey said...

I figure it's not 201 until the baby comes, so for the transition, it's just Motherhood 102! At the moment I'm only parenting one child and working on growing another! The other way I look at it, in 102 I'm one mom with two kids, but I still feel like I have the upper hand. When this baby arrives, it'll be 201 (two kids and one mom) and the kids will have the upper hand!

Carla said...

I like the name Joy
Kevin likes Abigale, Abbie for short.