Thursday, June 19, 2008

Baby Contest Results

Summerfest was last weekend and we entered Sammi in the Baby Contest. At first I was really hoping for first place, but then I realized that meant we would ride in the parade and that didn't seem like much of a prize to me! In the end, Sammi won Third Place which was some recognition, but most importantly came with a package of fruit snacks and a package of gold fish crackers. That, I believe, was Sammi's highlight of the day!

We ended the day by watching the parade from our driveway. I love the floats. Sammi loved the helicopter and the firetrucks. Brent loved the cars, probably. I forgot to ask him... We sipped Brazilian Lemonade while we watched. It was delicious!

Note on the recipe: I used sweet and condensed milk instead of the heavy cream and sugar. It's a little tart without the extra sugar, but so delicious.

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Holli said...

Yeah!! That is so exciting! I can't believe she didn't get first, though! She is SO SWEET and adorible. She's first in my book. Oh well, I agree with you- no thanks to a parade! The fish crackers and fruit snacks rock though! But, they forgot the red vines and a bottle of water (remember when I "charmed" Sammi with those in June?!)