Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Baby Update and Other News

Well, we're on the countdown! Only 6 1/2 more weeks to go until Baby Elizabeth makes her appearance. There are a lot of things happening around the same time: we're moving, Grandma and Grandpa Chatterley come home from Georgia, Brent should start to get invitations for interviews from medical school, and Brent starts Fall classes.

I get overwhelmed just thinking of all that activity! My motto is one day at a time! I've started packing up boxes of books and movies and blankets (definitely the blankets--it's way too hot!)

We were going to try to stay in our neighborhood, but unfortunately, nobody has an empty basement for us to rent. One gal did offer to kick her kids out of their basement for us! As it is, we signed a rental agreement for a house not far from where we are now. They are remodeling the kitchen and adding A/C. If that weren't already tempting enough, it also comes with a washer and dryer! I'm in heaven!

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Holli said...

Congrats. on finding a place to live with A/C and a washer/dryer! All 3 are life savers. I have A/C but I decided I would save money and not use it...ask me how that's working...!