Friday, August 22, 2008

Baby (Un)News

This is Amber, Thursday, August 21 at 11:00pm NOT in labor! (and 3 days overdue)

I'm sure most of you have thought that we neglected to call you from the hospital to tell you of Elizabeth's safe arrival. However, the lack of contact was simply due to a lack of news.

Elizabeth has not yet made her grand appearance into this world. I have cried everyday for about a week over the whole thing. But there is an end in sight. If she doesn't come on her own, my doctor wants to induce labor on Monday. While I was hoping for no medications at all during labor and delivery, I'd rather get her here than spend the rest of the month (or my life!) pregnant!

If you have any tips on starting labor, I'd love to hear them. Here are the ones we've tried:
  • caster oil (twice)
  • walking and walking and walking
  • spicy food
  • expensive dinner
  • jumping
  • moving (packing and unpacking)
  • cleaning
  • stripping wallpaper
  • (updated) stripped my membranes


amyharrisonphotography said...

Amber, Amber, Amber...I HAVE SOOOOO been there before!!! All of my children but Ava have been overdue (the little stinkers) I know how frustrating it can be. I think the thought that I had to keep replaying over and over in my head was "I know I can't be pregnant forever, it's physically impossible" As far as the labor advice...We tried all of that as well, plus hiking and 4-wheeling in the canyon and all that got me was more tired than I already was :o). She'll be here soon! And I am so excited to meet her, and she'll be beautiful!!! Just look at her gorgeous family! And if this helps at all, just remember- babies are easier to take care of inside than outside! She's just enjoying her comfy little home, (all at the same time making you less comfy), funny how that works right? You'll do great, hang in there!!!

Aaron & Lauren said...

Hi Amber, I don't know if you remember me...Lauren Cummings...from VT...anyway I hope it doesn't freak you out that I found your blog. Anyway I have heard REALLY good things about having your membranes stripped. My friend had it done and immediately went into labor. I think it would be preferable to being induced.

Jenifuz said...

I'm so sorry nothing's happened. I hope it happens soon. As for things to try, sorry, no ideas here. I have been induced though (3 times now!) so I know how that usually goes. Though it's really never the same for everyone. Oh well. Good luck and I can't wait for pictures!!! Sending Labor vibes your way!

Amber P. said...

Lauren! Of course I remember you!! I got to see your mom at church when I was in VT in 2003 (oh so long ago...) Thanks for the idea about stripping membranes. I forgot to put that one on the list. They stripped mine last Monday (8/18) but nothing. So sad. I would definitely prefer that to induction, for sure!

Amber P. said...

Thanks, Amy for your encouragement! You are so sweet.

Jen-Thanks for the vibes. Hopefully they'll jump start things for us! Don't worry, I've charged (and now recharged) the camera's batteries so we're ready for pictures!

Lisa, Tyler, and Josh said...

Amber ~
I've been checking your blog daily to see if your little one had arrived yet, and thought 'oh, they must be too busy to update'. I'm sorry she hasn't come yet :} As an L&D nurse I can tell you that the walking walking walking and stripping your membranes are the BEST things you can do (or have done). The rest I've seen work with people MAYBE once in a blue moon. If they haven't worked for ya so far, I'm afraid your little firecracker just has a time frame of her own! Be patient, and remember, induction is better than being preggie forever :) They can start the Pitocin out real low just to see if it can put the idea of labor into that uterus of yours! haha, good luck to you and Brent and be sure to update when you can!

C said...

Amber, you're a real trooper! My second was 1 day late (yep, I about lost it after 24 hours-labor beginning and then stopping-aaugh!) Hang in there! We're so excited to see her after she arrives! Good Luck!