Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our New Family

Here are Brent, Sammi and Elizabeth! (Okay, so I didn't realize that Brent posted this picture already. I'm waiting for the one of all four of us. Look for it soon!) Isn't Sammi an adorable big sister! And Elizabeth is the cutest little sister. Sammi seems to be excited about Elizabeth and asked if she was an angel! They are both my little angels. All day long I've been thinking it's such a miracle that Elizabeth made it into our family and that her delivery was so successful. I am more grateful than I can express that I didn't need a C-section. I'm recovering well and am looking forward to feeling even better tomorrow for going home. (I typed this Tuesday at the hospital but was waiting for the aforementioned picture. We are now home and I'll have pictures of that adventure later...They're still on the camera.)

We had Elizabeth's picture taken at the hospital. Here's her first web page! Isn't she adorable. I was glad to have the cute headband for her to wear and very happy that she opened her eyes for the camera.


Ann said...

The picture of her on the webpage is beautiful!!

I'm glad things went well, and that everybody is home and happy.

Jenifer said...

Congratulations Amber! I'm so glad she's here and everything went well!

Anonymous said...

Great picture! And,congratulations to both of you! It's such a beautiul thing, bringing children into the world--and then (trying) to raise them!