Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Elli's Birthday Party

We had friends come over in the afternoon to share cake and ice cream. It was a fun party, even though I forgot about the ice cream.

In all about 20 friends came over (parents and kids) and had fun tearing the play room apart. The popcorn was a great snack; I think even a bigger hit than the cake.

Elli scrambled around eating every unattended bowl of popcorn she could find. She absolutely loves the stuff. She was quite excited about the cake, too. It was double layer and I marbled Devil's Food and White together. Yum. I made cupcakes with the extra, but haven't had a chance to make frosting for them yet.

Elli got a stuffed tiger from a friend. It felt perfect since Sammi got her tiger pillow on her first birthday.
Another milestone down. Elli's had quite a busy year what with living in Orem, traveling to Colorado then driving across the country to now live in Tennessee.


Wendy said...
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Wendy said...

Amber you look GREAT!

Coopers said...

happy birthday elli!! what a great party! and so many friends there! how fun! love all the pictures.