Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some Things Don't Change

I was looking through the blog recently for a specific picture, which I am now posting because it's hilarious. I laugh every time I see it. Sammi was about 16 months old.

But as I was browsing, I came across two posts that really struck me because, well, they are still true, to some extent, for me now. Year(s) later and on the other side of the country and I still feel the same way! Amazing. Here they are:

When Sammi turned 15 months old I posted that Sammi "has entered a new phase where her solution to everything is to cry. This is quite a bit more trying on my patience" I am here to testify that she has not yet left this stage and I think turning three has only intensified the crying. And it is still the MOST trying aspect of parenting for me. I often scream inside, "I can't handle the crying!" Actually sometimes I say that out loud. It's not very mature and I'm working on it. Still. 22 months later.

When I officially announced I was pregnant with Elli I mentioned that Brent had vetoed my suggestion of Daffodil as a girl's name. Elli may forever be grateful for that, but I still really like the name. I can't understand why, exactly. But it strikes me as so cute and I love the nickname Dilly. Brent did promise if we ever have a pet of some kind I may name the pet Daffodil and we will call her Dilly. I'm just not sure I'm satisfied with that, though!


Ruth said...

I love that you also sometimes say it outside. Just knowing that I'm not the only one struggling to be the adult sure helps me stay sane! I'll be thinking of you these first few months! Good luck.

shea said...

Steve loves the name Isabella- and I really just don't care for it and it is also to common to me. So, I did that to Steve. We named a dog Isabella so he could have the name given and on my selfish part- we will never now be able to name a child that (not that I would have anyway). He agreed with it but didn't ever like the idea- I did!