Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Fun!

Sam and I had the chance the other day to go to Gardner Village and meet Brent's mom and two siblings for some Halloween fun. The village was all decked out for Halloween. They have witch-themed displays all around. One of my favorites was the witches playing baseball. Another fun thing was they had face painting. I look forward to when Sammi is old enough to wait in the line for that! The faces I saw looked great, very professional work. Sam had fun trotting around the sidewalks and looking in some of the shops. She and Grandma had a very cute interaction over some Christmas tree bird ornaments! But, her favorite part of the day was chasing the ducks. Maren helped her be safe around the water. Sammi loved the ducks and wanted to get right close to them. If they came up out of the water she would hurry over to where they were and end up chasing them back into the water. I don't know if the ducks thought it was as great a game as Sammi did, but she sure enjoyed it.

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