Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dear Kid Saturday-Being the Mommy

Dear Sammi,

I am so enjoying watching you grow in your understanding of how things work. It seems I can't get anything past you. As soon as you figure out a rule, you find a way to adapt to it. My favorite is the hand-holding rule.

Originally, you held my hand occasionally, but rarely with any fuss. Then, when you figured out that we hold hands to cross the street you figured out a way to not hold my hand. You started holding your own hand! "I hold Sammi's hand" you would explain when you didn't want to hold my hand. I couldn't help but laugh at your clever plan. Sometimes it worked, but mostly I still finagled your hand into my hand.

Recently you have discovered the role of Mommy. You love to be Mommy to your baby dolls. You carefully changed their diapers, feed them, and wrap them in blankets for nap time. I love to watch you act so grown-up and confident in your abilities. I hope you never lose that confidence.

The last time we went shopping, you brought one of your babies with you. When we got out of the car I asked for your hand as we walked in the parking lot. You explained that you couldn't hold my hand. "I'm the mommy and I need to hold my baby's hand. I keep her safe in the parking lot." Again my heart melted and I am amazed at how much you understand! How will I ever keep up?

I love you and love being your Mommy and the Grandma of your babies.



Christina @ Cutest Kid Ever said...

Oh that's so sweet!

martha said...

Are't kids amazing. I wish I had a tape recorder so I could remember every neat thing like that. Too often, I think I will remember it and write it down later, but I never do. Sammi is a smart little girl.