Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Sammi!

Sammi is 2 years old today. We had a wonderful day. She was simple adorable all day long. Even when she was a bit cranky after her nap, it was cute (mostly because I sent her to Grandma's house to play while I cleaned!--thank you Grandma!)

We had pictures taken today. She was such a poser. There were several poses I thought were picture perfect, but the photographer was going for a different look so she didn't capture them. In the end, though, it was still hard to decide which ones to buy because they were all so cute.

We opened presents and then had dinner. Brent and I gave her a wading pool that we wanted her to play in before bedtime so she played in the water while we got dinner ready. She also got lots of crafting supplies from Grandma Devine (and Grandpa). Grandma and Grandpa Chatterley gave her adorable summer clothes. Sammi kept saying, "Oooh, cute clothes. Mommy look how cute!" From Grandma and Grandpa Passey she got play diapers and bottles and, most importantly, a wide loader with signs and all! She has loved all her toys.

And isn't this the perfect ending to a perfect day! What a wonderful family I have. I can't wait for Elizabeth to be a part of all the fun, too!


Anita said...

Holy cuteness! I haven't seen her in a year and she's already changed so much. Happy birthday, Sammi!

Megan Vandre said...

Cute photos! So glad it was a fun birthday. Is Sammi sleeping in a big bed now? I guess you have to get ready for babe #2. Colin's still in his crib, but I'm feeling like it's time for a change.

Coopers said...

She is so cute! I love the pink glittery head band! And her little overalls. We wish that we could have been there to help celebrate. We love you guys!

Greg said...

You know I'll do photos for you any time, and you don't have to decide which ones to buy...I'll give them all to you--much more cost effective when it comes to printing.

Amber P. said...

Sammi is definitely coming into her own. She sometimes looks at me and says, "I'm gorgeous!" Now that's some self-confidence.

She is in a big bed and is doing very well. Every once in a while she asks to take her nap in her crib. If I ask her which one she wants, she always chooses the bed, so I'm not too worried.