Saturday, July 12, 2008

Out of the Raw

We're making gyoza for dinner tonight. Sammi is helping us fold them to get them ready to cook. She pointed to the pan of uncooked gyoza and said they're already cooked. I explained that they weren't cooked yet; they were still raw. Sammi responded: "We need to cook them to get them out of the raw." So smart for two years old!

Brent has called her GQ: you know, Gyoza Queen!


C said...

She's a smart one! And so cute! Just wait until you have a second! The fun doubles (and so do the antics!-at least at my house.)

Anonymous said...

i have no idea what gyoza even is!

glad to see you are doing well. good luck these last few weeks of pregnancy, they are the worst!


Jenifuz said...

Sammi is so cute!!! Congrats on #2 also!! It's fun to see your cute family! I also found your blog through Celeste's!

martha said...

Hi Amber, Sammi is super cute. We just had a second birthday for Annabelle as well. She was so excited to have it be her day instead of Lydia getting all the attention.

Megan Vandre said...

How did you learn how to make gyoza? Will you send me the recipe?

Amber P. said...

Gyoza is Japan's version of Chinese pot stickers. Brent served his mission in Japan and I am now much more versed in Japanese cuisine! I'll have to get Brent to write the recipe down; I usually just help stuff the wrappers.

It's great to hear from you all. I'm looking forward to #2, but I am so tired of being pregnant!!!