Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sunday Dilemmas

Sundays are hard days for napping for Sammi. We have church right during her nap time and she is often fairly miserable. We usually miss either sacrament meeting if we can get her to fall asleep or Brent brings her home after sacrament meeting and she naps during nursery.

Two Sundays ago Sammi was doing pretty good and she spent all morning talking about going to nursery. She was very excited about playing with the blocks. So we trucked off to sacrament meeting. That was fairly difficult because she kept dragging Brent to the nursery room to play with the blocks. We figured we'd let her go and see Brent would check on her to make sure she wasn't too miserable. They said she did great and played nicely. I thought that was a miracle considering how tired she was. So we came home from church and gave her a snack while we we getting dinner ready. Brent and I were both running around the kitchen getting things ready so we didn't even see it coming! Brent looked over at her and she was out cold. to her credit, she did finish her yogurt first! I guess she's not quite ready to give up naps just yet.

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Rae said...

Hi Amber! Thanks for the compliment on the tops! (:

I wanted to comment on this post because we're having the exact same problem with church and naps. Our church is at 10:45 am and Elliot always goes down for a nap between 10:30 and 11. It's so frustrating, because if we take him to church we end up having an awful day. Lately one of us has been staying home with him until he wakes up and leaving then, but usually that means one of us misses. Arggh!