Friday, September 19, 2008

Morning Routine

Recently Sammi has been waking up in the mornings about the time Brent is getting ready for work. I've been letting her trail after him and catching several extra minutes in bed resting. Once Brent leaves I usually get up with her and start the day.

The other morning, however, I was extra tired and after Brent left I stayed in bed and just let Sammi play. I could hear her and everything sounded fine. As the minutes passed, I started to put together the sounds I was hearing and realized Sammi was playing in a bag of stuff my mom had given me. I didn't think much of it until I walked down to where Sammi was and saw her beatuiful face! She had also smeared lipstick all over her hands and legs. She had effectively used up the entire tube of lipstick before I even got to try the color on! Fortunately the mess was an easy clean.

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meddyjo said...

What is it with kids and makeup? Tyler had a ball with my mascara yesterday. Fortunately it all ended up on his face!