Friday, September 19, 2008

Napping Children

Oh the beautiful sound of silence. Both of my girls are napping and I'm enjoying catching up on some much needed blogging! There are two more posts from today (including #100!) so scroll down and check them out! I love sleeping pictures and these take the cake! Mmmm, cake. I think I'll head to the kitchen next...
What I saw when I came up the stairs
Where Sammi fell asleep for her nap today
Baby Elizabeth napping in her yellow crib


Lisa, Tyler, and Josh said...

Cute pictures :) Baby Elizabeth looks JUST like Brent in that picture...their profiles are the same! She's a doll, happy for you guys!
Lisa, Ty, & Josh

Anonymous said...

I always think that's a good suprise, when you "find" them asleep! Your best picture of Sammi asleep is the one in Oct. of her across an "office" chair!!