Friday, September 19, 2008

What's Your Name?

This is my 100th post! In celebration I will send 100 "memories" from the blog to the first person to comment. Oh what fun!

Sammi is going through this adorable phase of naming everything. She's really grasping the idea of names (like Sammi, Bob, Betty, Tyler, etc.) instead of just the name of a type of object (baby, kid, dog, boy, girl, etc.) As a result, she's been asking everyone we walk by, "What's your name?" Everyone has been very kind and answered her with their name and then said, "What's your name?" to which she replies, "Sammi" as she's already five feet away and onto her next introduction.

The other night Brent found his old wig and put it on in the bathroom. As he came out, Sammi took one look at him and said, "What's your name?" "I'm Daddy," Brent said a little sad that she hadn't recognized him. But I thought it was adorable. A much better reaction than being scared because he looked different. So we tried it on her, too. What a cutie!


Caitlyn Passey said...

I'm the first, your daughter makes me laugh

Amber P. said...

Congrats, Cait! I'll get right on that. Maybe we can do a swap for the rest of the pages for the photo album:)

Coopers said...

I hope Brent showed you the great Christmas card with all of us wearing the wig. I can't believe he still has that! Love it!