Wednesday, October 10, 2007

15 Months!

Sam is 15 months old now! She has 14 teeth and a scrape on her forehead. She has entered a new phase where her solution to everything is to cry. This is quite a bit more trying on my patience. The upside of this is that when she is happy, she is so animatedly happy. She seems to have fun playing with the kids she already knows, but is having a harder time getting used to new kids. I hope that doesn't last long. There are so many nice and cute kids at the library's story time but today she wasn't that happy about any of them sitting by her or wanting the book next to her! Fortunately kids have short memories and everything is okay in the end.

In other Sammi news, she has a bazillion words and uses them all to communicate her thoughts and wants. It's fun to finally get a glimpse into what she thinks about. She loves to be outside and frequently requests it by name. She also loves the bubble (especially since outside is a part of the bubble experience) and asks for "bubble." She's starting to differentiate between mom and grandma with "mommy" and "'nma" thanks to her wonderful grandmas. She still loves to play ball--especially basketball when Brent picks her up and she gets to make a basket. She never misses!

I can't believe how much she has grown, changed and learned over the last few months and especially since she was born. I can see why these are called the formative years because they form so much of their understanding of the world and how it works! It's a joy to be a mom and to have Sam as my daughter!

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Holli said...

She is adorible! I love long hair and her chubby cheeks. And the forehead scrape is just a necessary token to officially enter the toddler era!