Saturday, October 27, 2007

Daylight Saving(s) Time

So, I've been very curious about when on earth we change the clocks this year. I've looked at the month of October on every calendar I own and haven't been able to locate the date. So, at long last, I had the brilliant idea today to look it up online. I came across a very cool site listing the dates and why they are different this year from the past.

To recap:
The dates for 2007 are as follows
  • March 11
  • November 4
Unless you are in the EU and then it's
  • March 25
  • October 28
The reason it's different this year is the Energy Policy Act of 2005 which, apparently, changed the dates for this year and the Department of Energy will report the impact on energy usage and then a decision will be made whether to maintain the current system (2nd Sunday in March, 1st Sunday in November) or revert to the 2005 schedule (1st Sunday in April, last Sunday in October). We'll have to see what happens next year. Although given the speed at which research is completed and reported, it'll probably be several years before we know the impact and a final decision is made!

The real reason why I found this site so interesting was the section on "Spelling and grammar" related to the custom. I have always said Daylight Savings Time and am shocked to learn it is actually Daylight Saving Time (minus the "s" on Saving). The argument for this is quite reasonable and I suggest taking a look at it.

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Carla said...

Thank you, I have been wondering that myself. I like having it change later in the year I vote we keep it like this!! Love your blogs.