Sunday, October 21, 2007


Well, today marks a milestone in hairstyles. Sammi had her first true pigtails! From the front she doesn't appear to have any hair at all! But from the side, she's just cute as a button. Sammi is enjoying spending church in the nursery. She is playing well with the other children and learning the songs. I wish I could be there, but Brent says it's fun--more fun than trying to keep her quiet and happy in the "grown up" classes. Next week is the Primary program so Brent will have to negotiate Sam for all three hours! I hope it's not too bad. Since she loves kids and kids' voices so much, I'm hoping sacrament meeting will be much more entertaining for her.

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Grandma said...

Amber, This picture of Samantha looks just like you! Her body shape and way she is standing look like my little Amber Junebug of (how many?) years ago. It takes me back in time. Where did those days go? We can't believe how much she has grown.
By the way,you looked good in the picture with the puzzle. (And of course, Brent looks good, too.) Can you tell we miss you? Love you lots.