Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baby Shoes

I found a pattern for adorable shoes from my favorite and new favorites blogs. Jill, from my favorite blog, has made several pair of these shoes and I was finally inspired to check out the original source at stardustshoes.

The green and blue shoes are a sneak peak at the fabric I'm using to make matching dresses for the baby and Sammi. The red and blue shoes are for a friend of mine who is also having a baby girl. There must be something about being pregnant because I have become an ultra-creative wanna-be! Other projects also in the works include a crocheted baby blanket, a denim picnic blanket and a baby doll afghan for Sammi's baby. I'll post pictures as these projects mature!

That's right! The big news is official. We are having another girl. I'm excited to already have baby clothes for a girl. This time around, though, I'm not going to be so scared about dressing up my baby in lots of outfits (in a single day if I want!)

In this picture she is holding her fist under her chin. Already posing for the camera...

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Shealyn said...

Amber congrats. Best friends they will be. Now we will have to get our four together some day in the future and let them go crazy.