Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sammi Sleeping

This is how I found Sammi during a nap the other day. She loves her new baby doll, but can't quite give up her tiger pillow. (It's tucked there between her knees and feet.)

In fact, she quite likes that tiger pillow. We have a wooden puzzle with animal shapes. The other day we were playing with it. I would pick up a piece and Sammi would tell me which animal it was and then she'd put it in the puzzle (in the right spot, of course!) When I picked up the tiger I knew she knew it because of her pillow. But she didn't say tiger. So I asked again and she said something I didn't quite understand. I asked her if it was a tiger and she said, "Pillow, Mommy." I was so impressed that she knew it was the same animal as her pillow! I wasn't ready for that answer and so I didn't understand her the first two times. But I was so pleased that she stuck with her answer. She knew what she was talking about and was very patient while I caught up to her!

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