Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cute Stuff

Sammi has done tons of cute stuff lately so I thought I'd document some that don't have pictures with them all together in this post.

First, Brent and Sammi and I were driving somewhere and stopped at a light. Brent and I were talking and he was looking at me. Sammi piped up from the backseat, "Daddy, eyes on the road; cars are coming!" I have no idea how she put these ideas together but I'm impressed.

Next, she has started imitating all the motherly things I do. She likes to put her baby in the car seat and buckle her in. Then she climbs into the front seat and pretends to drive. She even puts on my sunglasses to really get into character. Today she even put the seatbelt on and then reached for the steering wheel!

Another cute thing that happened today: She's been playing outside on the chairs on the patio and we'll go in and out of the house keeping an eye on her. Well, today she told Brent, "Stay right here, I'll be right back. Back in one second." And then she came inside to find something to take back out to Brent. Then as I was standing at the door she told me, "Mommy come outside." So I stepped outside and she said, with her two pointer fingers held up like the number one, "I'll be back in one second." And then she ran by me into the house.

She is developing quite the personality. It's so fun to see her figure out patterns and the way things work. Despite the occasional tantrums, this is a delightfully fun age!

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