Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Traditions

Sammi and I had our first "Girls' Night In" while Brent attended the Priesthood session of Conference. I was feeling particularly patient and brave so we pulled out the "fingertails" (fingernail polish as it's more commonly known) and I let Sammi hold the brush and go to town. And she went all the way to town and back! She got all her toes, all her fingers and all my fingers. She was very careful to not miss a single one. It was a lot of fun.

Another Conference tradition we started was an inside picnic for lunch. On Saturday between sessions we put a big picnic blanket down and popped popcorn on the blanket. We took the lid off (which I don't recommend) and popcorn went flying everywhere (which was fine) and so did the kernels (very VERY hot kernels). Sammi thought it was great fun (mostly because she was unscathed by any kernels) while Brent and I cowered in fear (because we were scathed). All day she kept saying "Popcorn came out" while waving her arms in big sweeping, upwards movements showing just how the popcorn came out of the popper. We might have to tweak this tradition so it is more skin-friendly.

Today for dinner we made my favorite--Chicken Victoria (my family's recipe I posted on We were busy with Sammi during sessions and I forgot to start bread for rolls. So I used this 30 minute roll recipe I found on Rachel Ray's site. They are heavenly. I tweaked the directions a little since it calls for rapid rise yeast and I didn't have any. Instead I put the yeast, sugar and water in the bowl and let it sit for a few minutes while I gathered my ingredients and melted the butter and sour cream together. Then I added the sour cream/butter combo to the yeast, then added the dry ingredients and mixed and added the egg while the stuff was mixing. I thought they turned out quite pretty and very delicious.


Ilene said...

i love rolls, i'll have to try the roll recipe

Ann said...

Strange thing is my roommates and I also tried to paint our fingernails in between conference sessions. Only we're much older than Sammi and our fingers look much the same....

I think it's the sign of a genius. Both my roomates are Johns Hopkins Ph.D Candidates.