Monday, April 28, 2008

Sammi and Tyler Playing

Sammi and her friend Tyler having a fun morning playing together. They pulled out the dress-up box and went to town with the hats! Tyler was particularly adorable in the Aloha bear hat (that Sammi's wearing) but Sammi commandeered it for the pictures!

Here Tyler has traded in for a cowboy hat, but Sammi held on tight to that Aloha Bear hat!

Tyler was kind enough to share the cowboy hat with Mickey. I think he was trying to show Sammi how to share. She didn't catch on. Sorry Ty!

After the dress-up box, they pulled out the blocks and had fun making "towers." They quickly decided it was much more fun to lie down on the blocks (or in Tyler's case the Aloha Bear). I can't see how the blocks could be comfortable. Although I think Tyler has something there with the bear.

Once the blocks were boring they turned to the next best thing...the block box! They both climbed in and wanted me to push them around the room! I can barely push Sammi around without wearing myself out. So I had them take turns. Sammi tried to bully Tyler into more than her fair share of turns. But this time Tyler decided it was worth standing up for and he got all his turns! Good job, Ty!

Here's a little video of them playing together. I think Sammi agreed to push Tyler on the condition that he allow her baby to go for a ride too!

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