Sunday, April 13, 2008

Now What?!?!

As Brent was getting Samantha ready for her bath Friday night she announced, "Need pee a little." So they went upstairs and she sat on her little toilet and she ACTUALLY peed!! Yeah Sammi! She came running downstairs and told me. When I got excited and told her good job she got the biggest smile and looked so pleased with herself. So, we recreated the moment for the camera. Don't worry, we're not teaching her to use the bathroom in the hall! It was just for the picture.

Now we are wondering about the next step. And about cleaning the toilet--yucky! Any thoughts?


Shealyn said...

Look at those cute chubby legs. It is called water. I swish it around and dump it into the toilet without the little ones help. She is getting so big. So we are going to be in Utah in May-will you be around?

Greg said...

I say, you need a garden hose and one of those sprayer nozzles...blast that crap off there.